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When a patient is recovering from orthopedic surgery they can use Signal’s in-home rehabilitation — a comprehensive physical therapy program designed to optimize recovery and meet needs… all in the comfort of home.

Whether you’re recovering from total knee or hip replacement, shoulder surgery, or any other orthopedic procedure, our team of physical therapists custom design and implement a rehab plan for hands-on, at-home therapy.

We go beyond worksheets and verbal instructions for patients in recovery.

Our Orthopedic Rehab Services Include:

  • Using manual techniques and manipulation on the patient.
  • Providing and using specialized equipment such as Neuromuscular Re Education Units (NMES), bands and weights.
  • Being in the home to physically help patients implement their custom PT plan correctly — providing encouragement and ensuring compliance while helping avoid injury, stress and overuse.

Our team will provide the guidance, education, and tools needed for patient’s to achieve your recovery goals and expectations.  

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