What Our Client’s Say



Recovering At Home After Hip Replacement

As patient, Tom T. says, “Sounds like a good deal.”

Tom T. had his hip replaced at UH Elyria Medical Center and had his post operative hip care at home using services from Signal Home Health and Hospice.  For Tom, the choice was easy. He wanted to recover at home and he wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible.

“No offense to the people who gave me good care at Elyria,” says Tom, “but I wanted to get out of there and get home. When I heard I could do therapy and rehab from home, I wanted that. Sounded like a good deal.”

Before Tom headed home, a Signal home health skilled nurse came out and made sure his home was set up ideally for hip replacement recovery. Once safety measures were in place, the nurse coordinated with Tom’s surgeon, physicians, therapists and home health aids to create a customized plan that would get Tom back to being active asap.

“They came out two different times to make sure everything and everyone was ready and we all knew the plan. Then the therapist and nurse came out twice a week for a while and then eventually only once a week.”

When asked if he was happy to do all this in the comfort of his own home versus in a rehab center, Tom says, “Absolutely. We did walking exercises in my driveway! Everyone made sure I had everything I needed, and then we’d do therapy and they’d make sure I was doing it correctly. I always knew exactly what exercises I was supposed to do on my own and how to do them. They were very clear. It only took about 6 or 7 weeks of them visiting before I was released from therapy.”

Tom’s hip is doing great now, “better than the other one,” and he would absolutely recommend at home rehabilitation with Signal Home Health and Hospice.

As Tom says, “Why would anyone not want to recover at home?”



Vertigo At-home Assistance and Rehab

Judy S. was having a terrible time with vertigo. She’d had a tube put into her ear and then taken out again. Then she had a hole in her ear canal fixed. While all this was going on, Judy found that she needed some assistance with independent living tasks, and, on top of the vertigo issues, she suffered from ongoing neck and back pain.

A nurse from Signal Home Health and Hospice came out and assessed Judy’s needs and determined that she would not only benefit from having a home health aide assist her with a few everyday tasks, but that physical therapy would also help the vertigo and her neck and back pain.

Judy says using Signal Home Health was a “great experience.”

“People came out three times a week and they were always on-time and courteous. They did rehabilitation exercises and also massaged my neck and back. I would recommend the Signal Tree services to anyone that might need it. It was an entirely positive experience.”

Judy also said she appreciated the companionship of her home health aide and the vast knowledge of her physical therapists.

“They knew my trouble spots,” says Judy, “and they were very knowledgeable about what I needed to feel better.”

Judy is getting her hip replaced soon and plans to ask her surgeon about the option of doing rehabilitation at home. “That is definitely on my list of things to ask my doctor.”

Would Judy recommend at-home rehabilitation for other people?

“Oh, absolutely. The whole experience was wonderful.”

Thanks for sharing Judy, and we hope to help you soon with hip replacement rehabilitation.