Home Therapy & Rehab Services

Therapy and rehabilitation services are often part of the home health care plan as prescribed by your physician. A therapist might be included in your care plan if you recently underwent surgery and need help regaining normal function. Or, if you were recently discharged from a rehab or nursing facility.

Our therapists bring the exercise directly to you at home. Whether it is Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Therapy, our team of highly trained healthcare professionals will provide the guidance, education, and tools to achieve your goals and meet your personal expectations.

Our specialists provide the following home health therapy:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are highly trained and educated professionals that specialize in reducing pain and restoring mobility. Our therapists work closely with your physician and our nurses to build a plan to get you better, faster.

Depending on the need, various treatment techniques will be used at your visit. This can include different exercises or stretching routines. He or she will also teach you how to perform those routines on the days when no visit is scheduled.

To meet your personal health and rehabilitation goals our physical therapists will not only help you get better, they will teach you how to prevent future injuries. We also specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation. 


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help you participate in everyday activities. Due to an illness or injury, you may have some new limitations that prevent you from interacting with your environment the way you are accustomed.

Our Occupational Therapists will do a comprehensive evaluation of your home and setting. Depending on the evaluation some adaptations, guidance, or education will be offered to assist you in regaining your independence.

The Occupational Therapy team takes a holistic approach and will coordinate with other care professionals in the home to ensure your goals are being met.


Speech Therapy

A Speech Therapist provides treatment for those having trouble with eating, drinking, swallowing, or communicating. Delivering speech therapy in the home allows for one-on-one interaction and is sometimes part of the larger homecare plan prescribed by the physician.

Our Speech Therapists will focus on activities tailored to your functional needs in the home.


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