Where to Begin


Assessing Needs

Whether it is you or a loved one needing care, it’s important to consider the services that would be helpful for both the patient and the family. Begin by writing down the medical condition, limitations and level of assistance needed by the patient and include any doctor recommendations that come to mind.

Don’t worry if the list is not complete. Partners in home health, like Signal Home Health and Hospice, are here to help both service and assess the needs of patients.

Also consider financial needs. You’ll want to let your home health care provider know if you or your family member is covered by private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.  Most insurance coverage will require a doctor’s report or referral confirming the need for in-home care

If you’re overwhelmed by insurance questions, or physician referrals, don’t hesitate to call 234-466-0990 or contact us online and we can help you navigate and coordinate both care and payment.


Answering Your Questions

Signal Home Health and Hospice is here to answer ALL your questions about insurance, referrals, scheduling and coordinating care with physicians. All our caregivers are thoroughly screened, trained and insured. Scheduling is never a problem as backup care is always available. We coordinate care, handle caregiver payment and bill your insurance. Do not hesitate to ask us anything you need to know about home health care. Simply call us at 234-466-0990, email info@signaltreeohio.com or contact us online.


Different Care Options

Signal Tree Home Health offers in-home health services including home health skilled nursing care; hospice; home rehab in Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy and home health aide services (for help at home that doesn’t require an RN or therapist).

Home health services are a good option for anyone who needs extra skilled, or unskilled, help at home because they have experienced a change in health; need post surgical rehabilitation services; require assistance staying safe and independent; and/or need medical assistance or medication assistance.

Our team of health care professionals works with clients, their family, and their physicians to make sure the patient is confident and comfortable while re-gaining or maintaining independence.


Choosing A Partner

When looking into home health care, it is essential to find a partner that has you and your family’s interests top of mind. Every patient and family have their own unique needs and preferences and no one approach fits all. We at Signal Home Health and Hospice understand the need for truly personalized care, which is why our team of caregivers will work with you each step of the way to be sure and tailor your health care plan to your specific circumstances.

We combine this personalized approach with quality staffing and close partnership with your physicians to provide a the highest quality of home health care in Ohio.

Trust us to be your family’s partner as we listen, truly understand, discuss options and then mutually decide upon the best care plan for you and your family. We promise to provide the highest quality at-home solutions for the needs of seniors aging in place and those who need nursing and rehabilitation services at home.


Taking The First Step

Get in touch to learn more about how Signal Home Health and Hospice can help. Call us at 234-466-0990, email info@signaltreeohio.com or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.